Ah, can you feel it?  The warm sun against your skin.  The twinge of moisture in the air.  The mosquito drawing blood on your forearm…

Yep.  Summer’s coming.  Which means that bug spray sales are about to go through the roof.

But for the City of Milford, maybe residents won’t reek of Eau de OFF 24/7 this season thanks to new aggressive plans to annihilate those blood-sucking buzzing nuisances.

Can’t you tell I really hate mosquitoes?

Anyways, the plans are to patrol wetlands and treat marshes with larvicide.  Also, officials are taking their popular breeding spots off the map by clearing storm drains and catch basins.   Officials will also begin trapping and testing mosquitoes in early June to detect if they’re carrying diseases like West Nile, EEE, and even Zika.

We’ll see if that puts a dent in their numbers.  You can also help yourself by following the three D’s, as listed by the CT Post

DUMP all standing water that mosquitoes will use for breeding, like spare tires, ceramic pots, bird feeders…

DRESS accordingly.  Wear light colored and loose fitting clothing.  The less skin you show means a smaller dining area for them

DEFEND yourself from bites by applying bug spray that’s been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency whenever you venture outside

If you’re a mosquito magnet like me, how do you avoid getting bitten during the summer?

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