Omar Diaz of Bridgeport was arrested early Thursday morning on a warrant alleging that he took 12 bags of frozen shrimp worth $329.00 from a Stop & Shop Supermarket in Milford without paying for it.

Diaz has since been released on a written promise to appear June 24 in Milford Superior Court (good luck with him showing up) and he’ll be arraigned on charges of sixth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny.

And while this story is pretty funny n’ all, I think it begs a serious question about what seafood is ACTUALLY worth stealing and potentially facing charges for.

I’ve decided to rank the top 5.

If you disagree, just know you’re wrong, but you can always bitch about it and make a case for some other kind of aquatic foodstuff below in the comments section.


5) Steamer Clams

With summer now here, everyone and their brother is all “time to bust out the grill!” Sure, grilling is great. Dogs, burgers, sausage, give me all of it. But that’s a given. Everyone grills. Even the fruity vegans who just grill asparagus and mangos. But not everyone shows up to a backyard BBQ with steamer clams, which are perhaps the most underrated food of the summer season. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re salty, meaty, and you get to drown them in melted butter. Then, you can wash it all down with some left over brine water. Steamer Clams are my shit.


4) Salmon of any kind

Steaks, filets, smoked, pre-mixed as a salad with some mayonnaise and herbs-however it’s prepared- I am a complete whore for salmon. Nova Lox with cream cheese on a bagel with the onions, capers, and fresh tomato? Shit’s worth doing a prison sentence for.


3) Shrimp

Omar Diaz (allegedly) is no fool, people. Shrimp is perhaps the most versatile of all the seafood treats. I don’t have to transcribe Bubba Gump’s yammering about shrimp to remind you that you can basically do anything and everything with it. Everyone* loves shrimp. This is a fact that can’t be denied.

*Obviously, I’m excluding those freaks who have seafood allergies.


2) Crab Legs

Name someone who’s going to pass on crab legs. You can’t. There’s whole reality shows dedicated to these things, and that’s for a reason. They’re unbelievable. My only issue is, is they’re a pain in the ass to eat, and the effort doesn’t usually match the amount of meat you end up with.


1) Lobster

A food that’s so overrated, that it’s UNDERRATED. (It makes sense in my mind) Seriously though, Lobster is just an afterthought in many people’s minds, and that’s a crime. Lobster is unbelievable, wether broiled, baked, in a roll with or without mayo, whatever. They’re one of my absolute favorite creatures to eat. Not to mention, if you steal lobsters, they totally still hold their value and you could re-sell them on Craigslist or some kind of sketchy, seafood black market!

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