The biggest weekend in golf only a few weeks away (13 days to be exact, but who’s counting). A tradition unlike any other. The Masters. Where golf’s biggest players all ascend on Augusta Georgia to play in the most prestigious important tournament of the year.

Unless you’re a dad or a golf dork like myself you probably don’t care about any of this.

Therefore, you will definitely care about this hilarious and brilliant idea…The “Mini-Masters”!



The effects are actually real well done is this. It almost does look real. Which is why it should be REAL!

Why hasn’t some mini golf place here in Connecticut done this yet?! I actually don’t think there are many left to be honest, but there has to be SOMEONE who will do this right?

Consider this my annual plea to the mini-golf owners of our fine state to make The Mini-Masters a reality. Everything the same. Make it super fancy, pimento cheese sandwiches, give the winner a fake green jacket at the end. It would be a hit! I’m telling you.

Especially here in Connecticut. C’mon mini-golf course owners, make this happen!



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