Nowadays, Uber is everywhere. So many people use the rideshare app, that I would be genuinely surprised to meet someone who doesn’t have it on their phone. But all the people in Connecticut who start and end their nights with an Uber ride to their destination might want to start exploring other options.

That’s because, according to The Hartford Courant, Uber is about to get a little less strict about who it hires to drive for them. The report said that nonviolent criminals with minor offenses “such as passing a bad check, resisting arrest, petty theft, prostitution, harassment and causing minor property damage” could be cleared to become an Uber driver starting in 2017.

On the one hand, I understand the need to roll back hiring restrictions if they’re becoming too obstructive. And hey, most of the people who Uber can now hire probably made a mistake one time and are looking to get back on track. Not to mention, at the end of the day, this state needs jobs, plain and simple.

But on the other hand, that means every time you get in an Uber, you now have to wonder if the person behind the wheel, alone with you in the car, is a criminal. No matter how minor the offense, that messes with your mind. You are alone with that person for a long period of time. You might be having that person drive you to your house. And for the length of your ride, your safety and whereabouts are entirely within that person’s control.

It might be a little alarmist of me, but I’m definitely not a fan of this change. Taxis and Ubers are too intimate a situation to not know the other person’s background is clear of things like harassment, theft, or property damage. But since Uber is a private company and none of us have any say in the matter, maybe just be a little more careful when using the app. Or try out Lyft, since they just joined the Connecticut taxi wars.

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