As you may have noticed, Spring is finally here. And with it comes that annual tradition of rooting for your favorite baseball team.

The season is off to a decent start for fans of the traditional Connecticut rooting interests. The Red Sox won their first two games, the Yankees put an early game in the win column as well, and the Mets notched their first victory as well.

But do you know who isn’t having a very good start to the MLB season? Cardinals right fielder Stephen Piscotty, that’s who. Just look at this mess:

The season is barely underway and he’s already been hit by the ball three times. Worse, all of the hits happened in one short sequence around the bases.

Now, getting to the major leagues is one of the hardest feats in sports. There are thousands of baseball players scattered across the various levels of professional baseball, so to be one of the few to make it to the big show is nothing to take lightly. But if I’m Piscotty, the thought enters my head at least once that maybe it’s not worth it.

Sure, there’s all the perks. You barely have to be in physical shape to play the game. You get to wear pajamas to work. You spend most of each game just kind of standing around waiting for stuff to happen. And you get paid an absurd amount of money to play the most boring sport available in the United States. It’s the perfect lazy-man gig.

But the downsides are pretty serious. You have to stand there while guys hurl hard projectiles toward you at unreasonable speeds. You have to abide by old-timey, unwritten rules that make baseball the opposite of fun. And you have to acknowledge that out there on the internet, there is now a video of you getting beaned by a baseball three times in one trip around the baseball, and it’s playing on a loop for our entertainment for the rest of time.

Obviously, at the end of the day, getting paid to wear pajamas and stand around is going to win out and Piscotty will keep playing. But I’m willing to bet that, for just a second, he thought about all the downsides as that last ball smacked into his skull as he slid across home plate.

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