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Being a mom is an incredible privilege/responsibility, but there’s still a part of you that hopes that you don’t lose your cool factor.  After all, there is such a thing as being a cool mom… right?!

According to these tweets, #MomLife can make us do and experience things we never thought we’d have to encounter as the “cool mom”.

  1.  It’s hard to be cool when you’re holding a handful of puke.

2.  Partying at a Grammy after party? More like getting them to bed so you can rock out to Kendrick Lamar in peace.

3.  Duh, we look just like these moms.

4.  Sometimes we also have Cheerios and Goldfish for breakfast… and lunch, and sometimes dinner.  That’s cool.

5.  She wants to wear three shoes, I want a pair of Manolo’s.  Both cool.

6.  The “I haven’t slept in weeks” look is hot…

7.  We break into song whenever we master the impossible…

8.  We’re resourceful. Sometimes three day old bread can double as a new toy.

9.  We’re so good looking that using kitchen utensils still makes us look awesome.

10.  We know what’s important to teach the kids so they’ll be cool like us.

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