Hey, looks like Phil was right after all because more snow is on the way.  However, as all the storms that hit CT, this one will also hit during the worst time of all.  The morning commute.  Or, perhaps, a little bit after.

WFSB forecasts that Litchfield County will get the brunt of the storm with 5 to 10 inches expected to fall.   Central Connecticut could see about 3 to 5 inches of snow.  Meanwhile, the shoreline will simply enjoy a dusting of up to 2 inches.

But that’s not what has meteorologists expressing caution.  Once that snow wraps up, rain will beat down on us later in the afternoon.  Sure, it might melt a few inches but with a chilly Wednesday night coming up, those roads will not be fun on Thursday.

However, with temperatures predicted to hit the low to mid 40’s by Wednesday’s evening commute, your drive home shouldn’t be an issue.  You should still exercise caution, though.

It is Connecticut, after all.  Our drivers are a bit unpredictable.

Meteorologist Scot Haney encourages motorists to keep their wits about them Thursday morning:

“However, as the storm makes a departure, colder air will wrap in and change plain rain back over to snow late Wednesday night and very early Thursday morning.”

Meaning, icy conditions await us the following day.  It also doesn’t help that Thursday’s highs will remain below freezing.

So, I guess that means Punxsutawney Phil has one over Chuckles.  Do you think we have six more weeks of winter in store or is this storm Mother Nature’s last hurrah?

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