Maybe you’ve debated his political stance… Or you’ve called him terrible names… On the other hand, maybe you’re his biggest fan- Perhaps you’re just jealous of his hot body.  That’s right, you’re jealous of the Governor’s fit frame.

Or maybe not.  Whatever.

Either way, we now know more about what Governor Dan Malloy does to stay fit than we should.  He’s clearly the opposite of Chris Christie who (insert random fat joke here)- Governor Malloy was asked what his fitness regimen consists of and this is what he declared as per The Courant:

“My normal run is 2.3 miles and then I walk up and down a hill for two miles and then I do 300 sit ups, 300 toe touches, 300 side to sides, 300 kick and twists, 300 lift and twists and 50 rotations around the waist”

When does he find the time to do all of this?  What’s up with the the 300 number?  In the Internet troll world, someone right now is making an Illuminati correlation.  He also was spotted trying on jeans that were a size 33, and he boasted that they were too big and he needed a 32.

The good news?  He was shopping at a Connecticut based jean manufacturer and was supporting “Tax Free Week”.

Can someone explain to me what “side to sides” are?  And how does one complete 300 of them? Needless to say, we have a fit Governor… and that he might be part of the Illuminati.



Source: The Courant | Image: Facebook

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