Back in October, Anna and Raven, hosts of the Anna and Raven Show on Star 99.9 proposed the idea of a “Trick or Treat Day” to their listeners.

“Trick or Treat Day,” which is proposed to be held on the last Saturday of October versus whatever day Halloween would fall on. Host Anna said that the idea was created as a way to help teachers and parents who were tired of having Halloween festivities during the week, and the effects it had on children.

“We had a number of calls from parents who had to leave work early and teachers who had to deal with tired kids,” Anna said. “We thought the best solution was to make sure the trick or treating always happens on the weekend.”

The show hosts then created an online petition. It caught the attention of Senator Bob Duff, who worked with the morning show to get the signatures needed to get this introduced to the Legislative Council. And, his assistance paid off, as the petition received over 700 signatures.

Thanks to his help, the bill will be heard and will be debated in this morning’s Government Administration and Elections Committee meeting. Both Anna and Raven will be present in today’s hearing, and will speak on behalf on the bill.

However, whether or not this goes through, host Raven wants to remind people that this is “not a replacement for Halloween,” but rather an alternative to ease the frustration of both parents and teachers.

“Halloween will still happen on October 31st,” Raven said. “This is just an event to make life just a bit easier for all the parents and kids who spend October 31st rushing around and staying up a bit too late.”

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