In a typical Connecticut year, the only weather formation that genuinely scares me is the snow. It makes driving dangerous. It creates conditions where being outdoors can kill you. And it inevitably means I’ll have to pick up a shovel!

With that in mind, the summer months are usually a reprieve from the stress of those frigid, winter months. But, with Mother Nature now officially on the fritz, summer is scary too.

According to The News-Times, officials are warning Connecticut residents that there is a heightened risk of forest fires this summer both because of dry conditions and because of the ongoing gypsy moth epidemic damaging trees and allowing more sunlight to reach forest floors.

To that warning, I have just one thing to say: Pick a time of year, Mother Nature, and stick to it.

Honestly, Connecticut has a hard enough time keeping people as it is. Our taxes are high. Our government is incompetent. The traffic is miserable. But at least we had seasons, 75% of which were pretty damn nice. Flowers and sunshine in Spring. Beaches and t-shirt weather in Summer. And leaves in Fall. In my lifetime, Winter was the only time that sucked, and even then it wasn’t bad some years.

But now, now you have gone and cut that to 50%. When half the year sucks, what is going to keep people putting up with giving their money to a state who can’t figure out how to spend it responsibly? The answer is nothing.

So get it together, Mother Nature. Pick one season to be terrible and stick with it. Let us have the rest of the year to live in peace.

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