I swear Mother Nature doesn’t understand the definition of a practical joke.  Alternatively, her sense of humor is very different from a normal and sane human being.  Either way, another nor’easter might strike the state on Monday.

Yes, three nor’easters in a little over a week.  How fun.  Are you ready for more power outages and downed trees?

Stamford Daily Voice reports that, so far, forecasters say watch out for another major storm coming up the coastline.

However, the possibility remains that the storm could potentially move out to sea by Monday.  Unsurprisingly, that’s the scenario everyone and their mother wants to happen.  This particular path has the storm dive into the ocean and sparing us from further heavy rain and winds.

But, Mother Nature is cruel.  So, I say hold onto your butts one last time.

The 2nd model, and slightly more likely according to forecasters, has the storm continue moving northward.  AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck explained why it’s more likely:

“There is a window of opportunity for one or two disturbances aloft to help strengthen the storm quickly enough to make a northward turn near the coast.  If either of these two disturbances fail to interact fast enough, the storm will swing too far out to sea for a Nor’easter early next week.”

If the storm hits, it’ll bring heavy winds and a strong potential for rain/snow.  Also, with that extra precipitation, the chance of severe flooding returns.

However, the path of the storm will become clearer during the weekend.  Forecasters say it’s too early to tell anything.

Although, I think our weather pundits want to practice the “wait and see” method.  They really should, too, because they scared everyone into a frenzy after hyping up the last storm.

Yes, the storm was terrible, but it only became horrible after most people managed to walk through their front door  for the night.

Schools easily could have had a half day if they weren’t promised hell to fall from the sky at the stroke of midnight.

Either way, don’t hang up the shovel just yet or put away that snow melt.  You might need it, hopefully, one last time.

What do you think the weather will do on Monday?

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