Personally, I want to see a mountain lion because… well… I’ve never seen one.   But after officials declared the Eastern mountain lion extinct, my hopes dwindled.  Until now.

Darienite reports that New Canaan town officials received a “credible” report of a sighting.   The resident reportedly saw the big cat stalking along Nursery Road, which is just north of the Merritt Parkway.

The main described the wild animal as having a tail three foot long, so that rules out a potential bobcat sighting.

The man claimed that the cougar walked under a streetlight in a well-lit area.  On top of that, the resident said the animal appeared right in front of his car.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s an honest to goodness mountain lion in New Canaan.  So those wanting to stir up a panic should calm down and wait for official confirmation.  That said, it might never come.

A woman reportedly saw another cougar in New Canaan two years ago, but wildlife officials found the paw prints inconclusive.

That doesn’t mean mountain lions avoid Connecticut, either.  Actually, they do migrate through the area due to our exploding white tailed deer population.

They wander into CT tying a deer bib around their neck because the state’s basically a buffet for them.  Honestly, those of us with green thumbs definitely don’t mind if these big cats pick off a few.

However, wildlife officials say residents should keep an eye on their pets just in case this does turn out to be an official sighting.   They also caution that big predators may become comfortable in the area, so expect to see more of them.

That said, do you hope this mountain lion sighting means that the Eastern Cougar isn’t extinct.  I mean, if the Coelacanth raised itself from the dead…

A confirmed cougar sighting hasn’t happened in CT since 2011, when someone hit one with their car.  However, after the autopsy, officials said the mountain lion did not share DNA with their extinct brethren.  Actually, this guy wandered in from South Dakota.

On a lesser note, some wildlife officials believe that some cougars may have been pets at one point.  I mean, their cubs ARE adorable.

But, we call them “big cats” for a reason.   So, some sightings might actually be of escaped or illegally released pets.

Either way, the first mountain lion sighting in CT  of the year is here.  Have you ever seen a cougar?   Do you hope they make a comeback?


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