As the state looks to recover its ever-dwindling casino revenue it is now pondering slot machines in multiple locations. A task force has been studying the limited expansion of video slots and determined that adding slots to three OTBs isn’t a bad idea.

This means video slots could be seen in Bridgeport, New Haven and Windsor Locks. The state needs the money as in-state revenue from Foxwoods and Mohegan has been dropping steadily against competition from Rhode Island and New York. We aren’t taking about a few dollars here either. CT collected almost $300 million less last year than it did in 2007.

There are still some hurdles to overcome. First, the tribes have to sign on to the agreement. It will be interesting to see how the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Indian tribes decide to proceed as they have exclusive rights to gaming in exchange for big money. Not to mention the folks who are against gambling to begin with and might fight tooth and nail to keep this from happening. The move does have Mayor Finch’s support on its side though.

I am all for it. If people want to gamble let them. Hell, put mini slots at the gas pump so I have something to do while I wait. What do you say? Is this expansion of gambling a good move or the first step to our decline?


Via CTPost | Image: (c) Fuse/Thinkstock

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