The space between blockbusters is a curious one isn’t it?  This week is a perfect example of the this mini-phenomena.  Still reeling from the monetary success/hurricane of negativity that is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the intricately woven masterpiece that Captain America: Civil War most likely is (I am a Marvel guy), are a fleet of “Could Be” movies.  Could be good.  Could be bad.  Could be interesting.  Could be crap.

The good news for movie-goers is that the two Could Be movies debuting this Friday could NOT be any more different– Hardcore Henry and The Boss.

Hardcore Henry, a Russian-American action movie, will most likely not be funny– at least not in a way that is designed to make you laugh out loud.  It will, however, be one of the more original films you’ll see in 2016.  Shot entirely on a custom built GoPro Hero 3 camera, this is a first person POV action movie in which the audience sees the world through the eyes of Henry, a man brought back from the brink of death as a cybernetic super solider with a blank slate for a memory.

Standing in the way of Hardcore Henry tearing through the box office of America like the titular characters tears through the streets of Moscow, is comedic juggernaut Melissa McCarthy in her latest movie, The Boss.

McCarthy stars as titan of industry Michelle Darnell, who from the trailers looks to be a combination of Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and the entire cast of Shark Tank.  The movie follows Darnell as she is sent to prison for insider trading and her climb back to the top of the business world.

Both movies look like they’re going for the same thing– the most extreme corners of their respective genres and audiences sick of watching super heroes struggle with morality.


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