While Blockbuster season starts earlier and earlier every year, there is nothing like the Memorial Day Weekend popcorn blitz which this year will feature Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse going head-to-head with Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Based on weekend tracking predictions, it looks like Bryan Singer’s X-Men should take the cake by raking in over $85M over the four-day weekend. Despite a projected loss for Disney, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland should deliver a stronger performance than Disney’s 2015 Memorial Day entry, Tomorrowland.


Since the start of the X-Men reboot with New Class in 2011, Fox’s tentpole comic book property has been a consistent money maker and Apocalypse should be no different; there is a good chance it opens very close to $100MM despite receiving some pretty mediocre reviews. Despite being a Marvel property, this puts X-Men in the Batman vs. Superman camp as opposed to Captain America: Civil War; a near billion dollar ‘flop’ (take that for what it is worth).

No matter where it lands for receipt totals, no one can knock the X-Men movies for their ambition. In the last two installments they’ve covered Days of Future Past– maybe the most influential comic book story of all time– and Apocalypse– a character that (until I see it with my own eyes) is near unfilmable. Should the X-Men franchise continue, their next stop is rumored to be the ‘90s and tackling the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont era of the book, which would be equally ambitious and a million times more visually ridiculous which is saying something.


On the other side of the cineplex we have Disney’s sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through The Looking Glass.

On pace to deliver about $60MM, 2010’s AiW blew audiences away with a $110MM opening on the way to a $1.025B dollar global performance. With numbers like that there is no question as to why Disney made a sequel, I’m just curious as to why they’d pick Memorial Day to dust off Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter and send him out to battle Jennifer Lawrence in her potentially last stand as an X-Man.

Both movies open this Friday and when paired with snacks and air conditioning, will probably be a pretty good escape from early stages of summer madness.

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