Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016 is going to be a busy one. It’s the smashing together of what is normally four specific event-filled weekends all with their own rituals and traditions that must be honored– smushed into one three day stretch.  This weekend is a perfect storm of free time activities and some hard cuts are going to have to be made; you’re going to have to choose how to spend that time wisely.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, which really means this is a full Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Whatever plans you have scheduled with your sweetheart are about to get stretched to 72 hours of heart-shaped bliss.

Why is it 72 hours rather than your standard 48 hour weekend? We’ll I’m glad you asked, because it also happens to be President’s Day Weekend– a long weekend designed to celebrate our founding fathers by spending a small fortune at every story imaginable.

As if that wasn’t enough to consider, it’s also NBA All-Star Weekend and the final stretch before the Oscars. How can one man be expected fit all of these activities in? There’s too many movies to see! There’s too many pun-filled cards to send out! THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH TO DO!

Which means the movie you see this weekend has to be picked with surgeon-like precision. It has to offer the viewer a little bit of everything– action, comedy, surprises, and most importantly escape from the busiest weekend of the winter.

I’m going with Deadpool.

Deadpool, the latest Marvel anti-hero movie to grace the big screen, is both the most likely and unlikely comic book character to launch a franchise around. You could argue that the Deadpool movie has been inevitable.

  • The character is insanely popular,
  • is one of the most modern characters (all other Marvel properties were introduced in the 1960’s, where Deadpool is so 90’s it hurts),
  • and has come into mainstream consciousness in the reboot era– something the character deserved after his debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Giving Deadpool (the character) the chance to stand on his own is the best show of fan service since Veronica Mars— a show nearly 10 years gone from television– got made into a movie in 2014. The audience for Deadpool demanded it, and they got it, in all of it’s schizophrenic glory.

This movie is also going to be insanely violent. Like Crank-level violent, with devastating action, gore, and blood splatter being played as a comic device while being underscored by DMX’s greatest achievement X Gon’ Give It To Ya and Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s classic Shoop.

Deadpool comes along at a very interesting time in comic book movie history. Everything else is so dark, so so dire, and so so so… not easily enjoyable. Batman vs. Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Captain America: Civil War are all examples of comic book movies in 2016 being super duper heavy.

To borrow a catchphrase from Deadpool’s DC Comic counterpart The Joker, “why so serious?”

Not to worry, true believers, because Deadpool is here to save (or ruin) the day depending on you like the tone of your superhero adventure stories.

With so much going on this weekend, Deadpool offers the best alternative to a jam-packed winter weekend schedule: escapism. Don’t miss it.



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