Spring has sprung in the lush fields of the Internet with the promise of blossoming entertainment. So many trailers came out this week! We’ve got a little bit of everything which should make you feel very good about the weeks and months to come at the box office.

Take a peek below about what we’re all going to be pumped about in the very near future:

The Blockbusters

Jason Bourne

What’s It About: Matt Damon returns to the Bourne franchise and not surprisingly, all hell breaks loose.


Magnificent Seven

What’s It About: Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer) helms a remake of of The Magnificent Seven, which itself is a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece The Seven Samurai. This reimaging stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and will most likely make hundreds of millions of dollars– it’s been awhile since a western did that.


Angry Birds

What’s It About: The biggest no-brainer movie of the modern era. This game made playing video games on your phone the most normal thing in the world. OF COURSE it’s a movie. The voice cast is nothing to sneeze at either as SEAN PENN(?!), Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, Kate McKinnon, and Jason Sudeikis lead an all-star team into battle on the big screen.


The Prestige Pictures

The Girl on the Train

What’s It About: If you didn’t read this book yourself, you have probably been told by everyone else you know that you should have by now. You’ve got a couple of months left before this Emily Blunt lead insta-award contender hits theaters.

Being one of those people who did read the book I can tell you that this movie has the potential to be very good and should blast Emily Blunt into the stratosphere of movie stardom.


Hands of Stone

What’s It About: It’s been a while, but this is a Robert De Niro movie I actually want to see. Boxing movies are enjoying quite the renaissance and Hands of Stone should only help to further that cause.



Birth of a Nation

What’s It About: Hands down the most discussed movie to come out of Sundance in recent memory, Birth of a Nation is the story of Nat Turner’s rebellion. Named very intentionally after the D.W. Griffith silent movie about the birth of the KKK, Birth of a Nation is the feature directorial debut for writer & star Nate Parker. In an interview with Filmmaker, Parker elaborated on his vision for the film:

…I’ve reclaimed this title and re-purposed it as a tool to challenge racism and white supremacy in America, to inspire a riotous disposition toward any and all injustice in this country (and abroad) and to promote the kind of honest confrontation that will galvanize our society toward healing and sustained systemic change.


The Universe Builders

Dr. Strange

What’s It About: The Matrix meets Marvel Comics. I love it already.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

What’s It About: The first Expanded Universe of Harry Potter movie. I love it already.


Rogue One

What’s It About: The first non-’Trilogy’ Star Wars movie. Expect one of these every single year for the rest of time.

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