A lot of people say they’re moving out of Connecticut. Either it’s high taxes or something to do with not wanting to deal with winter anymore. So, maybe it’s time to not only leave CT…but America as a whole. Maybe you should move to Italy.

Italy will actually pay you to move there, too. Think about it. Beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine, endless vineyards, and cute accents. Also, seeing ancient ruins that predate Jesus? What’s more to want?

Plus, their taxes should be significantly calmer than ours.

And in the town of Bormida, houses are pretty cheap. Some places you can rent for as little as $55 a month.

Yeah, what do you pay per month for your rent or mortgage? Probably twenty times that, at least.

So, Bormida wants more people to live in their tiny isolated town that rests just 45 minutes from the coast. It’s because their population shrank to about 395 people. I guess it has something to do with jobs.

But, if you’re planning on leaving Connecticut because you’re retiring, then you should keep listening. Because this place will be a lot closer to Monte Carlo where you can spend some crazy nights gambling, dancing, and drinking to your golden years.

So, the mayor of this small town in Italy hatched an ingenious plan to bring people like you and me into their homes.

Mayor Daniele Galliano proposed paying new residents $2,200 for just buying a house and moving in. Sure, there’s not a ton to do, like there’s only four restaurants.

But, this old town happens to be the epitome of stress free living. Not to mention the beautiful and ancient architecture there. Seriously, the entire town is made of stone with some structures dating back to the 1500’s. So, if you’re a history buff that happens to love Italy and all things ancient Rome…

Also, you’re relatively close to the breathtaking Ligurian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean. Imagine dipping your toes into the beautiful blue azure waters.

Anyways, if you’re planning on leaving CT in the rear view mirror, perhaps becoming a member of the EU might not be such a bad thing after all.

Heck, Italy will even pay you to do it.

Check out this video that includes pictures of your potential new home:

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