Last week I brought you a cynical look at humanity, and today I bring you a story that will hopefully restore your faith.

A man by the name of Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, an Indian immigrant himself, saw the need for inclusivity in his multi-lingual and multicultural town of Norwich.

Khalsa, a Sikh who wears a turban, recalled the strange looks and remarks he got when he first arrived to the United States, and wanted those coming in now to feel more welcomed than he had.

After a trip to Canada, Khalsa got the idea for the signs, which translate the message to English, Punjabi, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and German.

Khalsa says that he just wants to make sure that everyone that immigrated here feels like a real part of the community, hence the need for the signs.

Khalsa is best known for his work on spreading awareness for his religion, Sikh, and was recognized nationally by the FBI for his work in training Connecticut police officers on the differences between Arabs, Sikhs, and Muslims.

In this time of divisiveness, it’s incredible to see someone working so hard to combat that in the most loving, peaceful, and welcoming way possible.



Source: NBC CT

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