I was doing my usual swipe-swipe game on the dating app Tinder the other night (very addicting) when all of a sudden… JASON DERULO!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? If you don’t know Jason Derulo, he’s the guy who sings his own name (Jaaaaassonnn Deruloooo)

And he gave us the wiggle hit with Snoop Dog:

Thanks for that, by the way, Jason…

AND NOW! Jason is getting creative with dropping his new music… by doing it through the dating app, Tinder.

via Beth Tinder

via Beth Tinder

Do I want to swipe right or left on Jason!? For curiosity sake, I swiped right (which means yes, I like you)

via Beth Tinder

via Beth Tinder

What do you know! Jason Derulo and I are a match! woo hoo! Will we get drinks soon!?

Via Beth Tinder

Via Beth Tinder

No, we will not get drinks, Jason is just going to tell me only about himself and his new music (go figure, like I haven’t been on a date with that kinda guy before).

This isn’t JUST Jason Derulo doing it though. This is an entirely new music marketing concept that is being utilized now. Upon further investigating I found this story about “Ava” at the SXSW.

People thought they were talking to a hot chick (Ava) but it was actually an up and coming singer-songwriter-actress who didn’t want to meet up for drinks (bummer).

Also, I guess Mindy Kaling used Tinder as well to promote her show, The Mindy Project.


And I thought online dating couldn’t get ANY MORE annoying!

Boy, was I wrong!

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