Ever since CT Boom came online, we have strived to bring you the latest in Connecticut news, humor, and culture. A good deal of that has focused on where we rank in various categories compared to our fellow states.

More often than not, the answer has been “not good.” Rankings like taxes, schools, how much we make, how much we save, how much it costs to die, and how healthy we are have slowly diminished our Connecticut self esteem to the point where we figured Connecticut must be the worst state out there.

But then, by some miracle, things seemed to slow to a trickle. The only lists we were seeing were about how great our school lunches are, how dominant our college basketball teams were, and how Connecticut really isn’t such a bad place after all.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. With spring here and rankers coming out of hibernation and stretching their ranking muscles, it was only a matter of time until we got smacked again. Here’s the first taste: Connecticut sucks when it comes to innovation.

The Wilton Bulletin reported that the Consumer Technology Association ranked Connecticut as the 12th worst state for innovation. The report has a full breakdown of why we fell so low, but some of the biggest factors bringing us down were our taxes and our lack of right-to-work laws.

Listen, I realize Connecticut isn’t exactly the Silicon Valley, but I like to think we do alright. There are more than a few start ups here and while we could use a few thousands more young, inventive minds, we do have other things that redeem us. You know, like our pizza. Everyone likes pizza! So everyone should like Connecticut. Who needs innovation when you’re stuffing your face with hot cheese and tomato sauce?

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