All summer long, music festivals across the country appeal to everyone audience imaginable.

There’s electronic-inspired, DJ driven festivals for raving college students.

There’s eclectic festivals with more acts from more genres than you could know what to do with.

And there’s whatever music inspires a bunch of crazies to drive into the desert, take drugs, and not shower for a week.

But right here in Connecticut this weekend, there’s a festival that tops them all. It’s called the Mystic Blues Festival, and in 2016 they’ll take the stage for the fourth consecutive year, bringing some of the best blues acts together for three days of great music, delicious food, and an experience that is perfect for everyone from avid blues fans to families looking for a fun way to spend what is forecasted to be a beautiful weather weekend.

Held at the North Stonington Fairgrounds from August 12 to August 14, the Mystic Blues Festival has something for everyone. From nationally recognized, Grammy-award-winning acts like Dr. John and the Nite Trippers to big-name bands like the Fabulous Thundbirds to local artists from right here in Connecticut, from professional acts to student performers, and everything in between. Whether you’ve been following the blues scene for decades or just want to listen to some music on a sunny afternoon, you’ll be at home at the Mystical Blues Festival.

But unlike most music festivals nowadays, the Mystic Blues Festival is about more than the music. In addition to getting big-name blues acts to take the stage, the organizers work hard to get lesser known acts the recognition they deserve, get potential new artists interested in music by nurturing music and arts education, and use their festival to build a community inspired by music here in Connecticut.

And what might be the best part is that the Mystic Blues Festival is a festival with heart. They care about the music, about the fans, and about the community, and that care manifests itself in the donation the Mystic Blues Festival makes each year to The Center for Hospice Care of Southeastern Connecticut using the profits from the festival.

All of that and more is why we expect Connecticut to turn out in droves for the Mystic Blues Festival next weekend. Because whether you’re a music lover in general, a blues fan in particular, or neither and just want to enjoy a show outside during the summer, the Mystic Blues Festival has you covered with a show you’ll never forget and an experience you can feel good about.

You can get your tickets to the Mystic Blues Festival here and check out the set list below:

Friday, August 12

5:30pm- ­ 6:30pm Roomful of Blues

7:00pm- 8:00pm Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez

8:30pm- ­10:00pm The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Saturday, August 13

11:30am ­-12:30pm Tosh Sheridan

1:00pm- ­ 2:00pm Willie J. Laws Band

2:30pm- ­ 3:30pm Bad News Barnes and the Brethren of Blues

4:00pm- ­ 5:00pm Neal and the Vipers

5:30pm- ­ 6:30pm Greg Piccolo and Heavy Juice

7:00pm- ­ 8:00pm Blackburn

8:30pm- ­10:00pm Dr. John and the Nite Trippers

Sunday, August 14

11:30am- ­ 12:30pm Krystal Livingston

1:00pm- ­ 2:00pm Jay Stollman with special guest Debbie Davies

2:30pm- ­ 3:30pm Paul Gabriel

4:00pm- ­ 5:00pm Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters

5:30pm- ­ 7:00pm DUMPSTAPHUNK  Featuring Ivan Neville, Ian Neville, Tony Hall, Nick Daniels III & Alvin Ford, Jr.

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