Just another day in Connecticut. A man was seriously hurt after he tried to get into a moving pick up truck, which didn’t work out so hot.

But before we get to why he jumped, we need to back this story up a bit because the details are so weird.

This man, John Rodas, ran out of the woods in Wilton to a row of cars stopped in traffic along Route 7. He was COMPLETELY naked. Head to toe in the buff. Rocking the birthday suit.

John tried to get inside the truck, which the driver quickly locked the doors, to which John climbed into the bed of the truck.

The driver started moving, and Rodas decided to do an action roll out of the flat bed and onto the road.

There’s one problem with that great plan, is that the road is the road, and the human body doesn’t respond well to being thrown around and onto pavement from a moving car.

He’s now in the hospital with a head injury. Hopefully they gave him clothes.

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