You know what? Flowers and chocolates are overrated on Valentines Day! Why not get creative!? Do something that NO ONE else would do as a declaration of LOVE! How about…. naming a cockroach in honor of romance? Yes, this is real and your cockroach friend will be local enough for you and your valentine to visit it.

The Bronx Zoo is allowing you to go above and beyond this Hallmark holiday season.You can name one of their Madagascar hissing cockroaches for 10 dollars. 10 DOLLARS!? That’s the cheapest Valentines Day deal I have ever heard of *SWOON*.


What if you have a really awful ex that you want to send a “fuck you valentine” to? Well, that’d be hilarious too.

You: “Hey ex, what’s up”
Ex: “nothing”
You: “Cool, I named a cockroach after you in honor of Valentines day and your cold, black heart”
ex: “……….”


For 10 dollars, you get a “digital certificate” of your roach name. BUT… why not SPLURGE!? For 25 dollars, your loved one will get a printed roach certificate AND chocolate made in Brooklyn. wow….Love is real, love is real.

Get all the info here.

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