Things get crazy around the holidays.  Hours get shifted around, commutes get crazier, money flies faster out of your wallet because of gift lists and charities…

Let’s face it: the Holiday season is pure chaos.

But for many, the Holiday season provides the opportunity to make a little more moolah.  With stores expanding their hours and bringing on new hires to meet the growing demand of keeping a warm body behind every cash register, people are already hunting for the perfect place to rake in some extra cash.

This year, that place could be

Well, even better, this job doesn’t have you on the front lines pretending to be happy to serve the crazy soccer mom who demands a discount because she’s entitled.  Or folding clothes.  God, ANYTHING but folding clothes.

Amazon is, instead, opting for the more subtle pop-up store.  NBC Connecticut reports that the tech company already has one planned for the Westfarms Mall.  The store will operate more like a tech-kiosk and will only sell some of Amazon’s more popular electronic items like Kindles and Echoes.

Thee company has remained tight-lipped on when it will open, but they have been quietly accepting employment applications last month.

Also, those wishing to not deal with holiday shoppers at all (let’s be real here, you experience the lowest common denominator every 20 minutes on a good day,) the Amazon distribution centers in Wallingford and Windsor are looking for seasonal help.

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