Eversource wants to jack up electricity costs again.  But, a few things must happen before that magic happens.  As in: a series of public hearings.  So, bring your electricity bill and get ready to fight.

CT News Junkie reports that the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority will hold these meetings next week.  However, they did have one in Branford to test the waters yesterday.

Yeah, kinda wish I knew about that one.  But, anyways, water under the bridge.  On the bright side, it went exactly as you’d think.

About 50 frustrated people attended.  Most of them, including state representatives, largely rejected the proposal.

Most people felt they no longer trusted the process.  Or, more importantly, that the companies stopped working on their behalf.

Ben Martin, of Wallingford warned PURA:

“Every request they come in with is in the interest of the company’s greed. They should be cutting their rates.”

He also mentioned a new initiative dedicated to creating a clean renewable energy system.  Learn more about 350CT HERE.

Also, remember how every rate increase is justified that it’ll improve service?

The majority there said their service remained the same.  Yikes.

No one touched upon this more than Essex businessman Lon Seidman:

“All I’ve seen is the rate going up but service has not improved. It is time that they do better.”

He also gave PURA a stack of 4,100 signatures opposing the new rate hikes.  Pretty sure more will come as the week goes on.

On top of that, several state representatives cautioned against the surging costs.

Branford Rep. Lonnie Reed touched upon the exploding amount of people signing up for payment plans.  Meaning, more and more people struggle to pay their electricity bill.

That should not be happening.

Reed also petitioned for the companies to find savings for their ratepayers.

However, PURA reminded residents that fare increases typically occur in January due to an increase in the generation service charge.

Basically, it’s what electricity generating companies charge Eversource in order to use their power.

Company spokesman Mitch Gross explained the need for this rate increase.  Besides the generation service charge, he says a higher electricity bill will cover:

“New technology, wires, polls, cyber security, tree trimming…  Everything we need to do to keep the system functioning at the highest level.”

Then again, isn’t that what the delivery charge is for?  It pays for all the equipment, services, and programs that deliver our electricity.  It pays for the wires and the people who maintain them.

And, fun fact, delivery charges somehow tend to be double the amount of the electricity we used per billing cycle.

Take a look at your electricity bill and compare the delivery charge to the amount of power you actually used.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Yes, your electricity bill doesn’t charge you for just the energy you consumed.  I know, a lot of people still think that.

Anyways, if you want to fight against the rate increase slated for May, attend a public hearing.  Heck, invite your friends and family.   And bring your electricity bill.

PURA will host these meetings in their New Britain office at Ten Franklin Square.  Actually, they’ll hold one tomorrow at 9:30.

Here’s next week’s schedule:

  • Monday at 10:30am
  • Tuesday at 9:30am
  • Wednesday at 10:30am
  • Thursday at 9:30am
  • Friday at 9:30am

They may also announce additional dates later next week.

However, there’s an alternative if New Britain’s somewhat out of your way.   PURA will also meet the public at New London City Hall next Tuesday at 6PM.

You may also submit your comments by emailing PURA.ExecutiveSecretary@ct.gov. Comments should reference Docket Number 17-10-46.

So, do you support these rate increases?  How much is your electricity bill, anyway?

What do you think? Comment below