Halloween has always been just a special time of year for me. I’ve always loved the mystery behind it. Most people believe that Halloween is just about candy, jack-o lanterns and costume parties. I only began the journey of understanding this holiday in my twenties. Some people forget that for some, this is in fact a sacred and respected holiday. Luckily for me, I was able to learn more about it throughout my years in radio and media, at a radio station that is no longer with us. Prior to the station closing in Aug 2014, I was lucky enough to be a part of broadcasts that would change what you believed about Halloween and the afterlife.

Every Halloween I would listen to my radio glued to a broadcast that would feature my good friend and practicing Wiccan, Mireille, or as she would eventually became known as “the RadioWitch.” Every Halloween (or day around Halloween) it was her mission to educate listeners about Wicca and the origins of the holiday. Well, that’s how it started…eventually; things would take a ghostly turn when a Ouija Board was brought into the mix. Even if you didn’t believe, you couldn’t help but be sucked in and glued to your radio to hear what would happen next.

It was completely unscripted and different every single time. The souls that would come through would be anyone from relatives who had specific messages for someone they missed (I had my Grandma and Aunt come through with messages for me) or dead musicians that just wanted to pop in for a quick interview.

In honor of Halloween, I decided to ask my friend the RadioWitch for her most vivid memory from 15-plus years of those broadcasts.

Her response was direct: “Cobain.”

Today the endless interest in Kurt Cobain and Nirvana borders on exploitation but 15 years ago, his death still felt relatively fresh. So Mireille doesn’t go there easily: “They were all memorable. They all mattered. Each message was important to the person who received it.” Since her final broadcast, the RadioWitch remains silent on further questions about Cobain and that Ouija board, other than “it is safe.”

What some people didn’t understand was at the time she never received a dime for her time during those broadcasts. She never asked for recognition or anything. In fact, if you tried to take a picture of her during her sessions she would resist. She really did it to help not only the spirits coming through the board, but the family and friends that would receive its messages. “Blinding and intense headaches” were something else she felt during those broadcasts, and she did not recommend Ouija boards to listeners who wanted to do it themselves.

As you can see by her answer when I continued to ask her about the Cobain-related broadcasts: “If I wanted to be part of that [Cobain] gravy train, it would have been easy, but money was never my motivation.” What about Ouija boards in general? “All forms of divination, including Ouija boards and tarot cards, require adequate spiritual preparation and protection by the user. Grieving people are vulnerable. Some people are looking to profit from that grief. Please be informed and be skeptical.”

Maybe one day, we will hear the RadioWitch broadcast again in Hartford, but I’m in the meantime…

Will this medium be in the media this Halloween?

Well, she will be in a sense. Mireille is now an author for Llewellyn Publishing Worldwide with The Moon Sign Book 2016

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and you can check out her blog at www.rockgumbo.blogspot.com.

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