The New $100 Bill: Now In COLOR!

The New $100 Bill: Now In COLOR!
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I was up at Mohegan Sun the last few days for a “work conference”. We actually did get real work things done believe it or not… for a few hours at least. The rest of the time was of course spent yelling and doubling down. At one point while sitting at the low-limit $10 Black Jack table getting my ass handed to be hand after hand, I witnessed something that legitimately blew my mind. Guy sits down and I hear the familiar call from the dealer of  ”Changing one-hundred”. I look down… and there it is, sitting right on the felt… the brand new $100 bill that just got released! Which is now in full color.






The most hilarious part was watching the dealer and pit boss examine the bill to death like the guy had just made it on his MacBook air before arriving at the casino. With good reason I guess, they were just released into the wild on October 8th. This must have been the dealers first encounter with it. And when you see any sort of color on a bill you instantly thing Monopoly or Canada. Turned out it was real. That guy ended up winning much more than I did that night. Making me think that I better go withdraw some of these fancy new Benjamin’s. Maybe it will give me better luck at the tables.

Just like every time there is a redesign of American currency, they have added multiple new features to this version of the $100 that make it even harder to duplicate. Though, I’m sure nerds and thieves across the country will still find a way.






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