Welcome to the 21st century, Connecticut.

After years and years of operating under arcane Blue Laws, Connecticut has been moving in the right direction in terms of how its residents are allowed to purchase alcohol.

Just last year, the laws finally changed to allow package stores to stay open until 10PM Monday to Saturday and until 6PM on Sundays. And now, according to FOX 61, a new bill may allow alcohol to be sold legally an hour earlier on Sundays, starting at 10AM.

And get this: When the later hours came into effect last in July, and now that earlier hours are on the table, people are CELEBRATING! Everyone seems to be genuinely excited about Connecticut’s laws allowing adults to purchase adult beverages at the time of their choosing.

That’s all well and good (the news is exciting and means a true boozy brunch could be around the corner), but people should also be pissed! It’s 2016! How do we still live in a world in which people are restricted from buying alcohol at any hour they choose?

Go just about anywhere else in the country and the laws are way more flexible. New York allows people to purchase booze at “odd” hours and the city hasn’t fallen. New Orleans lets people drink outside and society isn’t in shambles. Why is Connecticut so behind?

It’s time that Connecticut made some real change. Don’t just toy with the hours a little bit here and there – make wholesale changes. Residents of Connecticut deserve to make their own decisions provided it doesn’t do harm to others. Buying a six-pack at 8AM because it’s more convenient for your schedule isn’t doing any harm.

Everyone buying booze is an adult and deserves the trust and respect of his or her government. It’s 2016, so how about Connecticut stops treating us like children?

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