In this episode of things that can only happen in New Canaan, a 14-year-old girl was issued infractions after she had a rager at her house.  50-60 underage kids showed up for a party with hundreds of beers and tons of wine.  Police also say the house reeked of marijuana.  That’s not the part that’s crazy, what is nutty is that her Mom was home and didn’t know any of it was happening.

Like I said, only in New Canaan… Or Darien, Westport, or Greenwich, I guess.

The teenager said that she started by having a small party (with no alcohol she claims) but word got out that she was having people over via social media and before she knew it a ton of kids had shown up and she lost control. These hood rats apparently were the ones that brought all the booze.  The mother claims that she was upstairs… in her bedroom… on the phone… and had no idea that the small party had grown.  When I first learned about this story all I could think was “Liar!”- What mother doesn’t know there’s 60 kids in their home, chugging cheap Miller Lite and smoking blunts?  Then I realized that it’s New Canaan- Her bedroom was probably in a different wing on the fourth floor.  Being in New Canaan also explains the 14-year-olds drinking wine.  When I was 14 I was drinking wine coolers- but I doubt I would open up a vintage French Cabernet.

Regardless, police bought the story of the Mom being on the phone and not knowing that there was a full out mob scene of drunk teens in her house and it is the teenage girl that faces the infractions. She will have to answer to the juvenile court in Stamford.

By the way, who could the mother be on the phone with for so long? Unless you’re on hold with Apple Support, there’s no reason to be on a phone call for more than two minutes.


Source: Stamford Advocate

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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