Here in Connecticut, we pay a lot of taxes. And I mean a lot of taxes. Some would say it’s too many taxes. All the people who weren’t saying that would at least nod their heads.

The conclusion is, our government goes a little overboard when it comes to hitting us with the “t-word.” In theory, taxes are supposed to be used primarily on things the state wants to discourage. Don’t want people smoking and dying? Tax cigarettes. Don’t want people getting drunk and causing a raucous or crashing their car? Tax the booze.

That idea might have you wondering why Connecticut doesn’t want us to own property or cars, but that’s because our state has things very, very backwards sometimes.

But the point I’m trying to make today is that, for once, Connecticut seems like it’s finally understanding this concept. And because of that, there’s a new tax proposal that I’m actually kind of rooting for.

According to NBC Connecticut, the state legislature has proposed a bill that would put a 5-cent tax on every single-use paper or plastic bag used in places like convenience and grocery stores.

Now, the gut reaction of any Connecticut resident is to roll his or her eyes. “Great, another tax,” you might sigh.

Well, yes, technically this is another tax. But for once it’s kind of a good idea because like them or not, plastic bags are pretty destructive when it comes to the environment. They don’t bio-degrade, they waste resources, and they hurt our beautiful state’s natural appeal (one of the few appealing things left about this state).

And the report adds that the money collected from the tax will go toward – you guessed it – an environmental fund to help state programs.

Deep down you and I both know that somehow that money will end up diverted into some nonsense money pit dreamed up by the folks in the capital, but there is a decent alternative option: Most of us just stop using plastic bags.

We win because we don’t have grocery store bags piling up under the kitchen sink. The environment wins because plastic bags are getting stuck on all the critters in the forest. We win a second time because we get to see nature in its purest and least disturbed form. And we win a third time because we get to “stick it to the man” by doing the right thing, using re-usable bags, and depriving those knuckleheads of the 5-cent-per-bag tax revenue they’re assuming we’ll just swallow.

Nope! We’re environmentally conscious. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s cheaper now. So pass this tax, force us into being greener, and then get back to work on balancing your darn budget.

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