Well Well Well, CDC. You thought Yalees were too smart to contract Ebola didn’t you. HA! Even the upper crust can succumb to this virus that started in remote, unsanitary villages of West Africa. It’s not 100% confirmed that this student who is currently in isolation at Yale New Haven Hospital has contracted Ebola…but based on the symptoms reported like high fever, bleeding from unspecified orifices and projectile vomiting, it’s not looking too good. As of now, according to the Governor in his news conference today, there are a few more tests that have to be completed before a final diagnosis is made.

Well, in case this Yale student does have it…and continued to do normal college activities (keg stands, beer pong, strip Jenga, spin the bottle) upon their arrival back home from Africa, then there is a chance other people in Connecticut have contracted Ebola.

Thankfully, a biotech company out of Connecticut has been testing the Ebola drug they’ve developed, and it should be good to go and sent to Africa after it’s finished being synthesized, and has passed all of their testing according to Dr. Eugene Seymour,  the CEO of Connecticut based  NanoViricides, Inc.  So, we are one of the first in the States to get Ebola (maybe), but at least we are one of the first in the States to find a way to get rid of it! Don’t worry, we got this!

Dr. Seymour  “believes their drug could lead to a successful therapeutic. These drug candidates are designed to mimic the host cell receptor onto which the Ebola virus binds to cause an infection”.

If you want to learn more about how this drug can cure Ebola here in the states, but also in West Africa (which currently the other drugs are not strong enough for the outbreak in West Africa)–Dr. Seymour will be interviewed tomorrow morning 10/17 on Chaz & AJ in the Morning on 99.1 WPLR – 102.9 DRC – 95.9 The Fox.

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