The most famous television show set in Connecticut is about to get its long-awaited new installment. That’s right: The day after Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls fans across Connecticut will get the new 90-minute episodes they’ve been waiting for.

But that won’t stop them from celebrating in the days before and the days after they binge watch 6 hours of Stars Hollow magic. And that’s what Vogue had in mind when they put together this very handy guide to experiencing Stars Hollow in real life.

While Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino may claim that Washington, Connecticut was the inspiration for the show, Vogue will be sending super fans to coffee shops and dance studios from Wilton to Mystic to get the full Gilmore Girls experience.

Honestly, I am all for this. I’m not afraid to admit that the show is really good, and this is going to be such a big boon for random small businesses in Connecticut that capture the show’s classic New England small town vibe.

So if you own a bed and breakfast or a cutesy diner or live in a town with a green and a gazebo, prepare yourselves. The Gilmore Girl people are coming and they are coming in droves. Warm up your cash registers now and thank us later.

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