New Haven is constantly making lists. Best pizza. Most murders. Bridgeport too. Also for the murder. But now it seems New Haven and Bridgeport roads are some of the worst in the country. Not the state, the country! says the two cities’ roads are some of the most deteriorated in the nation – ranking 18 and 19 respectively. New Haven roads alone cost drivers $700 every year. Driving on rough roads increases consumer costs by accelerating vehicle deterioration and depreciation and increasing needed maintenance – all while driving you insane.

There is nothing worse than this:

And literally every street I’ve driven on in New Haven since this hell of a winter has been this 100 times.

According to Senator Bob Duff of Norwalk we have Congress to blame.

“This year, Connecticut’s General Assembly made a historic, once-in-a-generation investment in our transportation infrastructure to modernize and rebuild our roads, highways and rail lines, and improve bus services. The state, however, can’t do it alone. Congress needs to act to ensure that we have the funding necessary to transform our transportation system to grow jobs, boost the economy, and improve quality of life for all Connecticut’s residents.”

But good news from – it’s only going to get worse. Yay!


via WFSB

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