Why Did The New Haven Flea Market Require Two Month Investigation?

Why Did The New Haven Flea Market Require Two Month Investigation?
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This Saturday, police raided the Boulevard Flea Market on Ella Grasso BLVD in New Haven. This happens every so often to show that the city cares that illegal stuff is happening. So it’s not really news. What is news is that this raid came after a two month investigation, and police confiscated over $2 million in counterfeit crap. Why and false.

Going to this flea market is a fun little hobby I have. Once you get over the feeling that you’re in a third world country and you may get killed, you’ll find some pretty cool fake stuff. My latest purchase was a Michael Kors bag for $13 (talked him down $2) and a North Face fleece for $25. The flea market consists of around nine very long aisles of vendors. Every other vendor is selling fake name brand bags, sunglasses, clothing, and cell phone accessories. One trend this season is Beats by Dre. The vendors DO NOT HIDE their merchandise with other companies’ logos on them. It’s not a speakeasy. There’s no VIP guest list. You don’t need red ruby slippers. Although, one vendor when asked if I was looking for North Face, took me to a little bunker behind the tent with walls made of North Face boxes. I felt like I was negotiating a deal with the Russian mob. I did get $5 bucks off. Anyway, a two month investigation was not needed. No investigation is ever needed to see if something shady is going on there. Just walk in.

And really? You confiscated over $2 million in merchandise?! It’s not worth anything. How did they come up with that math? Do they price out how much a bag would cost if it actually were made by the real designer? I think that’s what they did, because there would be no other way to get to $2 million. Maybe that’s why there was a two month long investigation. Every police officer involved went undercover to the flea market, haggled and negotiated with each vendor, and took record of the lowest price they could pay for each item. Then, it could be concluded that they really suck at negotiating. I hope the crew they sent in on this case doesn’t have to talk anyone off the ledge anytime soon.


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