I came across this blog about New Haven Happy Hours and figured it was worth a share. Now, I don’t get out for Happy Hour much (as I have to take care of that kid I made) BUT if there is a chance for me to get out for once it is nice that I have a list to point me in the right direction. When your freedom is limited by an 18-month-old tyrant, you can’t waste a moment that you are afforded.

Here is the Top 5 from the post. I won’t divulge the details. You will have to give the author a click for those:
5 – Geronimo
4 – Kitchen Zinc
3 – Barracuda
2 – 116 Crown
1 – Prime 16

I have to say I am stoked to see Prime 16 in the #1 spot. I am a big fan and knowing I can get a deal on their delicious offerings makes my desire to find a babysitter between the hours of 4 and 7pm even greater.

Did this list get it right or is there an awesome Happy Hour they missed? Don’t be greedy and keep the info for yourself! Share with us.

Via Between Two Rocks

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