It’s the best storybook ending out of what could’ve been a horrible situation.

A First Student bus from Conte West Hills School carrying 11 young students erupted in flames last Wednesday, and this bus was fully on fire.

A Good Samaritan named Ryan Cheek turned out to be the hero that day, ignoring the flames and going one by one into the bus to get the kids out.

“I didn’t think twice about it.  I just knew that these are somebody’s kids.  This is the next generation.  Somebody needs to do something and, so I took the initiative to do what I needed to do to save those kids,” Cheek told News 8’s Mario Boone.

Call it divine intervention, call it good luck, but Ryan wasn’t even supposed to be rescuing kids at that very moment…on a normal day, he would be at work still.

“I got out of work early that day.  There was a reason why and it was to save those kids.”

Ryan, the hero we needed, and the hero we deserve.

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