For most of us, the days of cramming you and your friends into a tiny basement to have a few beers and play video games are behind us. Work, family, and a general sense of “being old” force us to leave those things in the past, never to be resurrected.

Well, a little while back, four guys in New York told all of those things to suck it. Their joy of delicious craft beer and classic video games would not be squelched by the naysayers. Instead, they would create a Mecca for themselves and likeminded people. On that day in 2004, Barcade was born.

And while it has taken 11 years for Barcade to be relevant to any of us here in Connecticut, it finally is. After opening locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, a new location is coming to New Haven.

While perusing the New Haven subreddit this morning, I stumbled across this post from user FatherOfTheTide. It seems he caught wind of some Barcade social media profiles sprouting up with ties to New Haven. As it turns out, FatherOfTheTide was on to something.

He later posted a link to the Barcade Instagram profile and it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to find their description, which reads: “Celebrating American Craft Beer and Classic Arcade Games since 2004. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. Coming soon to New Haven, CT.”

Coming soon to New Haven, CT.

Never have those words appeared so magical. Get ready, New Haven (and any other Nutmeggers willing to make the trek): Work, family, and the date on your drivers license may mean you’re technically an adult, but soon enough there will be a place where you can play all of your favorite classic arcade games, grab a few American craft beers, and get in touch with your (slightly drunk) inner child.

Image via Twitter/Bardcade New Haven

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