If you’re a self-professed dangerous driver, then don’t leave the proof in one convenient place.  Like on social media.

Fox 61 reports that Connecticut State Police brought Gabriel Canestri Jr. to justice after rifling through his Instagram account, appropriately named “Reckless_203.”

His account contained a swath of videos of him and his buddies driving motorcycles and ATVs like morons: weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, even getting chased by cruisers.  I know; it’s like he was practically begging to get caught.

Even though the account was eventually taken down, police had all the evidence they needed to issue an arrest warrant.

He was booked on $50,000 bond and is charged with well over 50 accounts, nearly half of them for reckless endangerment and driving.

I mean, I get that maybe a 15-year-old would get caught for doing something as brainless like this.  Some teenagers really can’t comprehend that all actions have consequences because mommy and daddy are always there to bail them out.

Okay, so how old was this guy anyway?

Oh, he’s 21.  Can someone get Darwin on the phone and tell him his theory on survival of the fittest is clearly not applicable to homosapiens?

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