The 91/95 area of New Haven is never a party. Traffic, people who have no clue how to merge, idiot truck drivers, all of it. This makes it pretty tough to keep your cool while driving that stretch of highway.

This was clearly on display between this BMW and minivan. They got into it pretty bad going south on 91 onto 95 through New Haven and the entire thing was filmed.


It’s hard to say who won this battle. Looked neck and neck at the end there. The takeaway, as the girl says in the video, “They’re gonna kill each other.” She’s not wrong. These two dummies are lucky they didn’t end up both flipped over and smashed into the Long Wharf food trucks.

I gotta hand it to the Bad Drivers of Connecticut YouTube channel. They did a fantastic job with the editing of this video. If you want to get REALLY annoyed go watch some of their other videos. It will make you mental.

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