Like the majority of Connecticut, this past Tuesday I was snowed in…and it was glorious. I did nothing, I accomplished nothing, it was everything I hoped it could be and more.

Truthfully, I watched a ton of TV and came across a movie that I had only seen once previously, nearly four years ago in 2013 when it was originally released in movie theaters – The World’s End.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the third film from the team that made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. In short, it’s about five grown 40-somethings who attempt a pub crawl they failed to complete in their 20s. They also fight robots that have replaced the town’s population.


Whenever I watch a movie, I have a tendency to do two things immediately afterwards – look up trivia about it on IMDB and go to the movie’s Wikipedia page – just to learn about anything remotely interesting. If you’re like me, you’ll often find yourselves going into a Wikipedia wormhole – clicking random links within random articles, until you’re so far removed from the original point of entry that you’re randomly reading about Napoleon’s second burial site (it happens).

The movie takes place in Newton Haven and I figured “Hey, maybe that’s where the name ‘New Haven’ came from” but sadly, there isn’t an actual place named “Newton Haven.” But on the page, you do find a link in the article for “pub crawl” – and look what you see first, as soon as you click on it:

bar new haven

I screenshot it immediately I was so excited of my random connection! I mean the literal definition for “pub crawl” – before you even get into the text! – and you get a picture of Bar in New Haven!

So, as you set out this weekend to embark on your Saint Patrick’s Day bar crawls, just remember that Connecticut is the definition of a place to do yours.

(BTW – I am certainly aware that the easiest explanation is that the picture just happens to be a simple sign with the word “BAR” on it to make things easy, but I still prefer my line of thinking)

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