New Scandal For The Pats

New Scandal For The Pats
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Just when the world might have started to forget about their head coach cheating and one of their teammates being a murderous thug the New England Patriots have found themselves in another scandal. This one involves the always-drawing-attention-to-himself Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk was at an event in a Foxborough bar last week. At some point he made a few questionable remarks while on mic and on camera.



Noting worse than the awkward silence after an awful joke. The tension in the room is palpable. So much so that the organizers remind the attendees that their cell phones will need to be handed over before they leave! Seems like everyone in the room knew the comments were inappropriate. Everyone except Gronk.

This is no surprise as Gronk is a habitual moron. Between dancing with his shirt off after a loss or tweeting pics of him with a porn star Gronk has never shown solid judgement. What do yo think? Should Gronk face disciplinary action or are people being too PC?

PS – TMZ has a sports division?!


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Jonathan Lev
Jonathan Lev

1) The jealously on behalf of this writer is palpable. Sounds to me like he just roots for a shitty football team, and he only wishes that he could root for the excellence that is The New England Patriots.

2) Nobody cares about the alleged "cheating." Get over it. 

3) Stop trying to make this story "happen." Rob Gronkowski did nothing wrong, and this is just fake outrage. Asians like rice. Italians like Pasta. Portuguese like chorizo and beating up their wives. These are things that are all truths, not stereotypes.

Jonathan Lev
Jonathan Lev

1) The jealously here is palatable, and this author is just mad that his terrible Redskins (RACIST!) are terrible. Also, NOBODY cares about the alleged 'cheating' by the Patriots, and their 3 titles can't (and wont!) ever be taken back. 

2) Stop trying to make this happen. It's a non story, and it's just fake outrage. In other words, he's just a big goof who's joking around. 

3) You're fat.