Think about your favorite food in Connecticut. Is it the nationally renowned pizza? Is it the legendary and historic hamburger? Is it one of the zillion bakeries and pastry places?

No matter your answer, there probably is something and it probably is not good for you. That’s because food is one of the few things I feel Connecticut actually does well. It may not be as omnipotent as the food scene in New York or Boston, but there are more than enough delicious options to make your mouth water on a weekly basis.

The bad news is that we pay for it both with cash and with our waistlines. Devouring an entire Pepe’s pizza by yourself is not a recipe for seeing a smaller number on the scale.

But somehow, Connecticut is managing to do just that. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 25.3 percent of Connecticut residents are considered obese. Nationwide, that puts us at a rank of 44 out of 53 (they included DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico in the rankings).

Now, there were some other statistics as well. Something or other about how we don’t eat enough fruit or veggies or that we don’t exercise enough. I don’t know, I stopped paying attention after seeing how few of us are obese.

Why not pay attention to the rest of the study? Well, because it’s like when you go out to eat only to way a pound or two less the next day. That number is an implicit endorsement of my behavior.

So if downing Pepe’s pizzas on the regular has gotten us into the top tier of non-obese states, then that must be what works for us. Thank you, CDC! I’ll go pick up a pie right now.

(via Greenwich Patch)

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