Tell us something that we don’t know.  Add another study to the pile claiming that less and less people want to call Connecticut home.

NBC Connecticut got their hands on the  2016 National Movers Study by United Van Lines.  Sure, it’s no census data, but their findings should definitely hold some water.  I mean, these guys have been doing this for over 40 years.

Their job is to safely pack people up and move them to their new home.  So, movers are pretty much on the front lines of aiding and abetting Connecticut’s exodus.  And we sure have one heck of an exodus going on.

So, in this year’s roundup, it turns out Connecticut is officially the fourth most moved from state in the entire country.  The only states that did worse than us are New Jersey, Illinois, and New York.  Cue the “liberal bastion” comments in 3…2…

No, but seriously, United Van Lines says 60 percent of their Connecticut moves were outbound.  Considering what went down with GE, it shouldn’t be surprising that 45 percent of those moves were for work-related reasons.

Anyways, the northeast as a whole has a huge problem when it comes to population retention.  New England sees more people leaving than coming these days.  And looks like it’s only going to get worse.

So, where are our taxpayers running off to?  So which states have the honor of adding the most new residents? South Dakota, followed by Vermont and Oregon.  Cue the liberal bastion comments in 3…2…


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