Stand up comedy is one of the hardest entertainment gigs out there. It’s terrifying enough just being up on stage alone trying to make people laugh. Then you add other variables like all the drunk meathead assholes in the crowd you have to deal with from time to time. Sometimes the crowds are great, sometimes you have annoying hecklers. It’s part of the world you live in as a comic. If you’re good you can put the hecklers in their place and move on. A lot of times it actually turns out to be funnier than whatever was planned and gets the crowd even more on the comic’s side routing against the dummy in the crowd.

But what happened to Brooklyn comic Adam Newman the other night during his set in NYC is something not even the best of the best in stand up could have been prepared for.



Apparently the officers were there to arrest someone in the crowd who was at the show. They obviously were’t playing around either. At one point Adam hilariously asks “You guys couldn’t have waited till after my set?” To which they answer by telling Newman to “Shut the fuck up”. Adam then volleyed back brilliantly with “Are you yelling at me? That’s the weirdest heckle I’ve ever got in my life” and then followed it up with a solid 3-4 minutes about what the hell had just happened.

I just love how he handled such an awkward wacky situation with razor sharp humor and wit. It really is the mark of a great comic. This 4 minute clip says a lot about Adam Newman. I have a feeling we will be hearing his name a lot more in the near future.

Well played Adam.

 (via Adam Newman)

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