73 year old Dale Farrand, who was going to buy Slim Jims for his dog, decided to pick up a thirty dollar lottery ticket on a whim. Imagine his surprise when the $30 ticket that he purchased turned out to earn him $10 million dollars!

Once the initial shock wore off, he did what most of us that are in relationships do when something important happens in their lives: they tell their significant others! Dale drove straight home to his wife, who double checked the ticket and confirmed that yes, they were indeed millionaires.

Dale will receive a lump-sum payment of $6.7 million after required withholdings.

He says he’ll use the windfall to pay off his mortgage, make home improvements and help his children and grandchildren.

Dale, from all of us at ctboom… if you ever need anyone to hold on to a million or so, just give us a call!

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