No matter how you spin it, the Sandy Hook Massacre is one of the most devastating and tragic events to happen in our lifetime.

In the four years since the attack, Connecticut residents are still trying to learn and heal from it.  Understandably so, the families directly affected by the gunman’s actions are still seeking justice for their children.

CT Post reports that their extremely controversial lawsuit against Remington Arms, that claims they’re at fault for the massacre by making a dangerous firearm available to the public, may be heading back to the courtroom.

Last month, a judge dismissed the lawsuit that implicated the gun manufacturer at fault for the massacre on the grounds that there was a federal law, known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which protects manufactures from such lawsuits.

A month later, family-members of nine victims filed paperwork with the state Supreme Court to let their appeal be heard.

Lawyers of Remington Arms expressed confidence that judge would reject the appeal.

The lawsuit has been met with equal praise and anger, but inevitably became a symbolic banner waved by the pro-gun control crowd.

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