I would have posted this article several days ago. However, because of the stupid online streaming embargo that Hulu has with new episodes of the “Simpsons,” you can’t see clips or complete episodes until eight days after they air. So, technically, this could be considered old news. But it’s new to the Internet (officially), and most people haven’t seen this episode, so here you go.

Last Sunday night, the second episode of the “Simpsons” twenty-sixth season aired – the “Wreck of the Relationship.” The episode was fine, with the highlight being Nick “Ron Swanson” Offerman being the celebrity guest voice for the episode as a sea captain.

Over the closing credits, his character sang a song of the sea, and very first line of the song written was about Connecticut’s beloved Mystic Seaport:


Image: FOX


Enjoy the full song in all it’s glory!

Top Image: PR Photos

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