Last night I got to go see ZZ Top at the Foxwoods Grand Theater (very tough job I have, I know). The verdict? KICK ASS. Just a raw, stripped down, rock and roll show. Nothing I love more than just a guitar, a bass, and drums. ZZ Top proved that is really all you need. If you ever have a chance to see these guys play live, take it! I walked away with those good music fuzzies that you get from an epic show.

Check out the videos and enjoy!

Opener. Setting the tone of the night. Guitar guitar guitar, baby! AND BEARDS! yes!!!

Gotta have some Sharp Dressed Man- Classic crowd pleaser:

Love this snippet, Just shows how in sync Dusty and Billy still are with each other. And I just love watching two awesome beards swaying back and forth next to one another.

One of the best encores I’ve ever seen. The crowd’s energy. The jamming! I was enjoying myself:

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