9 Random Things I Saw in CT This Weekend to Prove It’s Christmas

9 Random Things I Saw in CT This Weekend to Prove It’s Christmas
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‘Tis the season for random holiday stuff throughout Connecticut.  Some of it is amusing.  Some of it is utterly annoying.  I always find it incredible the diverse ways people celebrate the holidays.  This is a collection of nine things that I saw just over this past weekend…

1.  Turn your car into a reindeer.  So clever! I also like large trucks that hang a wreath on their front grills.  Now, that’s showing the Christmas spirit!



2.  Your Facebook page and Instagram feed is full with pictures of perverted pictures of an Elf.  Note: This one is actually from my house.


photo (7)

3.  Parking lots are so ridiculously full that you just circle endlessly before actually giving up and going home without your milk.


photo (8)

4.  It’s not a trip north on 95 before you put on your birthday party hat and sing Happy Birthday to the Jesus billboard.





5. People take holiday dressing way too far.  Hence the bright green knee socks I spotted in Ikea in New Haven.  Extra brownie points for the Santa on them.

Photo1 (1)


6.  Why is it that the crazies always seem to come out during the holiday season?  What is it about cheer and joy that make people push their agendas on others?  It’s like “Here’s some eggnog, now let’s bash Obama”…


Photo1 (2)


7.  I always know the holidays are upon us when the Koreans at my nail salon put up their “Christmas tree”.  I asked if they had any ornaments- They had no idea what I was talking about.


Photo1 (3)


8.  It’s certainly Christmas when some random old hit artist puts out their album… and it’s on sale at Starbucks.  Welcome Mary J to that list.


Photo1 (4)


9.  Gotta shop for presents.  Gotta shop til you drop… and literally drop outside of Macy’s at the mall.


photo (9)


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